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The moments of motherhood. More importantly, capturing the moments of motherhood. And not just after the sweet baby has arrived. It’s also about capturing the milestones and special moments leading up to the big day, from the ultrasounds to the growing baby bump. And in my case? My baby bump is growing at double the […]

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San Francisco Maternity Session | The Mission Loft

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A brand new year. To start over. To start fresh. That’s what everyone says, anyways. But are we really starting over? Or is it just a feeling? Social media is bombarded with everyone posting their New Year’s Resolutions. And don’t get me wrong, it’s great to set goals and work hard to accomplish them. I […]


My 2019 Bucket List

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It seems like it flew by, but hello 3rd trimester! I’m loving this season in life (even though I might not love the 3rd trimester part so much). And let me tell you, a California winter pregnancy is a lot more pleasant than a Florida summer pregnancy. i.e. No humidity, sticking thunder thighs, and praying […]

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2018 Christmas Tree Farm Maternity Pictures

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An evening on the beach with two two-years didn’t sound easy. I had them by myself for a full hour before Nicole could join us. I had every disaster scenario running through my head in slow motion and I was pressing replay every 30 seconds to make sure I was fully prepared to avert any […]

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Florida Vacation Series – Destin Beach

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Florida.  The best beaches ever.  The place I call home. I’m from a small little town in the Panhandle, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I also love a good adventure, and California has been a total blast for the last year and a half.  A big change of scenery, and I checked […]

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Florida Vacation Series – Gulf Islands National Seashore: Fort Pickens

I believe in creating a legacy through photographs and capturing the beautiful, fleeting moments that come and go too quickly.

Joyful. Heartfelt. Authentic.

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